Secret Chocolate Cake

After making a Unicorn Cake for my friend Sophie last year I was slightly stumped about how I could top my baking efforts for her birthday this year.  I decided not to beat around the bush and to ask her directly what she wanted this year.  She had one word for me, “chocolate”, and so I started to think of the most fun and unusual way to fill my short (and sweet…!) brief.

A while ago I made a chocoholic cake for a colleague and as Sophie and I work together I didn’t want to repeat the design.  I had recently seen a cupcake design online that included hidden sweets in the middle of the cake and thought it might be fun to try that on a grand scale.  I wanted the actual cake to look tempting, but plain; something big that wouldn’t be out of place in the Bruce Bogtrotter scene in Roald Dahl’s Matilda.

It took four sponges and a heck of a lot of cream cheese frosting to create this:

Secret cake 4

But the beauty of the cake was when it was cut:

Secret cake 2

A lot of people asked me how I made it, assuming I had baked the cake with the sweets inside.  Of course you can’t bake chocolate sweets as they will melt – the best way to illustrate how this cake came together is pictorial:

Secret Cake 1

Sophie was pretty pleased with her cake, perhaps as pleased as she was with her fondant unicorn.  I wonder what next year will bring…

Secret cake 5