Fried Chicken Cake

This fried chicken cake (made of cake, contains no chicken) was made for a colleague, Matt, as a leaving present:

Chicken 1When Matt (sadly) announced he was leaving, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the cake.The cake was inspired by one of his many stories – a story that perhaps I can’t post here, but needless to say it kept everyone in the office amused for months.

Chicken 2

When it came to giving Matt the cake he was so convinced that it was chicken that he didn’t know what to do, or how to be polite.  He settled by saying a coy ‘thanks’ and ‘I’ll have some later’ – it was 4.30pm and his 15 colleagues were stood round him.  I told him it was ok, it was in fact cake, which was met with a huge sigh of relief!  I was very impressed with how brave my colleagues were about tucking into the ‘chicken’; I had purposefully placed the chicken box on a Victoria sponge, thinking that the chicken pieces wouldn’t be too popular, but they were eaten with gusto.

A lovely final touch when presenting the cake was my friend’s idea – she suggested that I filled a bottle of ketchup with jam so you could have ‘ketchup’ on the ‘chicken’.  When eating the cake, it messed with your mind a bit as your eyes told you one thing but your taste buds another.

KetchupjamA lot of people have asked me how I made this cake so I thought I’d describe the process. I came across this wonderful blog with some pretty convincing fried chicken rice krispie treats.  I thought I’d take the same principle but use cake as the basis for the chicken. Using the same method as if to make cake pops (crushed cake with buttercream) I was able to mould the chicken shapes which I then covered in a cornflake, chocolate and peanut butter mix. The boxes were sourced from a local chicken shop where I bought them unused – I am a vegetarian, this cake never came into contact with meat!

Chicken 4

When he realised that he didn’t have to eat a bumper amount of chicken in front of his colleagues at 4.30 in the afternoon, Matt was pretty pleased with his cake.  He will be sorely missed in our office, not least for his dodgy, drunken chicken stories.

photo 5