Nord Stage 2 Cake (Synthesizer Cake)


My friend Joe is one of the most talented and lovely people I know. We met about 4 years ago when we had both rashly said yes to being in a theatrical rock and roll band. Much laughter, sweat and glitter later (check out the band to see what I mean), I count myself very lucky to call Joe and his wife Nikki good friends.

It was then, shyly in a rehearsal room about 4 years ago, that I also first met Joe’s red keyboard. Not only is Joe an amazing pianist but he is also a bit of a YouTube sensation because of his Nord Stage 2 Demo and is rarely seen at a music event without his keyboard in tow.


Joe performing in Felix Hagan & the Family


Joe being producer extraordinaire for the band (that’s me in the camouflage jumper), see famous red keyboard on the left.

Nikki asked me well in advance of the day if I’d be up for making Joe a cake for his 30th Birthday. The cake was totally her idea, she wanted a replica of his keyboard in cake. It made perfect sense, I just had to figure out a way to recreate the keyboard so it was a cake for 30 people, not 300 as I’m sure a full size replica would be! I decided to do a mini version of the Nord but I wanted to keep the keys actual size so scaled down the keyboard to just over 2 octaves.

I made two square cakes and carved the basic shape into the sponge.  I then covered it in buttercream, then fondant before adding fondant covered KitKat fingers for the black keys:

keyboard cake

Lastly, I spent quite a lot of time with a cocktail stick and different hundreds and thousands to create the synthesizer buttons. I took it along to Joe’s party where he had to give it a ceremonious play before cutting into it:

Nikki and Joe

Joe and Nikki and the cake

I’m not usually a fan of trying to make cakes that look like objects as I think they can sometimes look a bit rubbish but I was very happy about how this one turned out.  Thanks to Nikki and her cake request and thanks to Joe and his trusty Nord!