Cake Gallery

Click on the pictures to find out more about the cakes

Christmas Cake 2012photo 1 (14)annabell and duncan wedding cake-1003Signature cakesSignature cakes on stand Sushi Caketea and biscuits cakeWiltons cakephoto 1 (11)

Ninja cakeKPS cupcakes

Hipsterpusphoto 2 (14)photo (14)Easter nest 2wedding cakeFinished Chocoholic cakephoto 4 (12)Philippa and Lucypig cakesNarwhal 3trumpetcakesphoto 3 (13)black market-0721photo 2 (1)Snowman close upphoto 2 (19)Skull cake 1Comic cakeIMG_0445photo 2 (19)chicken 5Pastel cakeP1040064537photo 4 (11)IMG_0006Jumpers 2014 IMG_4314


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