Pastel Layer Cake

This pastel layer cake was for the Easter table this year at a family gathering.

Pastel cake

Last year, immediately after Easter I saw a beautiful cake from yuppiechef and was very sad I hadn’t seen it before my well documented easter cake crisis.

The yuppiechef cake stuck with me all year which meant I had roughly 360 days to mull over the idea and put my own twist on it.  I love pastel colours and spent quite a lot of time in the run up to Easter finding different sizes of sugar coated pastel coloured chocolate eggs for the cake:

EggsTo make this cake, I made four simple vanilla sponges and mixed some sweetened cream to go between the layers.  I then dyed the cream into four shades of pastels and layered the cake.

Pastel cream

The final touch was to add the eggs on top, between the layers and at the base.  I have to admit, it was a slightly precarious cake and certainly couldn’t have travelled further than the few feet from the kitchen to the dining room.

Pastel cake cut

My brother was home for Easter and has a fancy camera and a talent for good pictures, thus I have a rather lovely collection of snaps of this one:

Pastel cake close upsThe cake was quick to disappear – a good job really as the fresh cream layers wouldn’t have lasted long.

Pastel cake slice 2




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