Flapjack Cake

This flapjack cake was for a colleague on her leaving day. Lisa had introduced ‘Flapjack Friday’ to the office and was leaving on a Friday so it seemed fitting that her cake included flapjack.IMG_0445

Originally I thought about making a normal vanilla sponge and put a layer of flapjack in the middle tier.  I also toyed with the idea of decorating using only flapjack but neither idea seemed right.  The former too dense/weird and the latter too messy.  I then did a bit of googling of ‘flapjack cake’ and found this interesting looking recipe from The Caked Crusader and decided to use it as the basis for a tiered cake.


Instead of making one cake as the recipe suggests, I made one and a half times the mixture recipe (with added baking powder) and split it between three tins.  I then made the flapjack topping and only put it on one cake.  As the cakes were thinner than the original recipe, they only took 20 minutes to bake. After they were cool I constructed the cake with layers of butter cream and jam in between the tiers.

The final touches were the white chocolate splashes and the sugar butterflies, on which I wrote little thank you messages using edible ink.  If I hadn’t gone down the flapjack route as a theme I would have made Lisa’s cake butterfly themed as I know she likes butterflies, so it was nice to be able to combine to two.


This was a deviation for me as I don’t often branch out into new cake recipes, preferring my tried and tested fail-safe sponge.  However, the recipe worked really well and having oatmeal in the cake really gave it a flapjack flavour, combined with the delicious buttery and honeyed oats on top.


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