Comic Book Cake

This comic book inspired cake was for a friend’s boyfriend.  I’d never met Patrick, but I was told that he loves comics, especially Marvel comics and if I was up for the challenge, Holly, his other half, wanted a surprise cake for his birthday.

I can’t resist a cake challenge and decided that a comic book inspired cake was too good an opportunity to pass up.  My one other brief was to include his name… here is how I responded:

Comic cake

I’d originality set out to make the cake Marvel themed by drawing Marvel characters onto sugar paper in edible ink to use round the edge with PATRICK in the white Marvel font sitting in the centre of a red cake. However, half way through drawing Batman, my other half came into the kitchen and informed me that Batman wasn’t a Marvel character.  So I swore, and changed my plans.

Holly had told me that Patrick’s favourite character was (unknown to me, pictured in the centre below) Invincible, who isn’t a Marvel character, so my mistake proved quite fortuitous in the end.

Comic sides

I enjoyed drawing the comics too much (a mixture of tracing and freehand) and I ended up with an excess of pictures, so I spent quite a long time trying to figure out how to arrange them and which to feature on top.

ComicsComicbook line up

It was at this point I decided to scrap the name idea in the middle of the cake and instead to stand up some of the characters.  I was able to slot the sugar paper into the icing so the pictures were undamaged. Unfortunately the edible glue reacted with the sugar paper which I had used to stick the drawings to the side of the cake, leaving slight blemishes on the sides of some of the drawings which was a shame, and not a mistake I’ll repeat.

Comic side

The cake went down well despite being a complete fire hazard when teamed with candles!


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