Snowflake Cake

The Christmas Jumper cake had left me slightly stumped this year.  I loved the design from last year but was determined not to repeat it, plus I felt a little bit jumpered out after producing 20 Christmas Jumper cupcakes for colleagues and wearing my own festive knitwear for most of December. So I was back to square one, asking myself what to do for the Christmas cake this year.

I was home in time  to be given a choice for the shape of the cake and decided that I’d attempt a little tiered cake, so picked out three circular tins of different sizes.  My mum also wanted me to decorate a cake for a gift so baked the remaining mix in a square, as per usual.

We had a festive baking fest - my mums fruitcakes pictured next to my mince pies.

We had a festive baking fest – my mums fruitcakes pictured next to my mince pies.

As seems to be my style, I decided to focus on texture for this cake and to use the little snowflake cutters that had made the Christmas Jumper cake so successful. This was also my first foray into using royal icing as a covering.  I love it.

First I covered the three cakes in marzipan and then cut out A LOT of snowflakes from white fondant icing:

photo 2 (18)

I wanted the snowflakes to dry slightly so I could place them at different angles on the cake.  When I was satisfied with my snowflake collection, I stacked the cakes (they were small and dense enough not to use dowels) and covered them in royal icing.  I didn’t worry too much about how smooth it was as I knew I was going to cover it in snowflakes, but did concentrate on getting a smooth swirl on the top.

photo 3 (14)

Moving quickly as royal icing dries very fast, I put the snowflakes all over the cake. Although in reality the cake was very pretty, it was hard to get a good picture of it because I had made white snowflakes on white icing (and I don’t own a fancy camera), but here it is, the snowflake cake:

photo 4 (11)I did a similar thing with the square cake, but with less snowflakes and swirled the royal icing to look like snow and the recipient was very pleased!


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