Snowman Cake

Ah, the classic snowman cake. A cliché I’ll admit, but fun none the less. This is going back into the archives slightly; the family Christmas cake from 2011. I’ve already written about my 2012 Christmas Creation (which is one of my favourite cakes ever) and how it has become somewhat of a tradition for my mum to bake a lovely fruitcake for me to decorate it however I fancy.

I only have poor quality pictures as this is pre good camera but in 2011 I decided on a snowman:

Snowman cakeI think I was quite limited on what decorations we had, this was a use what you can find jobby – his hat and scarf are coloured marzipan, left over from the layer beneath the icing – while I’m allowed to freestyle on top of the cake, there would be a family riot if I were to stray from tradition under the icing…

The Snowman was a little bit Tim Burton-esque in that he was a little sinister but I quite liked that:

Snowman close upYou can’t quite see in these pictures but he sat atop iridescent shavings.

So there you have it, a little blog of Christmas cakes past – now I’ve just got to think about what to do this year…


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