Ghost Cupcakes

With Halloween just round the corner I thought it was about time I dug up these little guys to write about them:photo 1 (1)It isn’t the best photo as I made these for Halloween a couple of years ago, but you get the idea.  To create the ghosts, I used white fondant over marshmallows and drew on their expressions with writing icing.  They were as simple as a clichéd white-sheet-ghost costume is to make but I really like how they look.  The writing icing I used wasn’t great quality and started to run – you can see some of their eyes are dropping – and whereas usually this would have annoyed me, I thought it added to their spooky appeal.

Anyone looking for a simple Halloween cupcake design that kids can easily make – these are perfect.  

Not that you should have favourites, but this guy was mine:

photo 2 (1)This year I am planning Halloween cakes on a much larger scale.  Last year I made the Victorian Wedding Cake  for a Halloween Party, and this year I will be baking for a similar event… I’ve said enough already, watch this space.


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