The Owl and the… Wispas?

Philippa and Lucy

This was a joint birthday cake for two people in my office.  The two people who this was for – Philippa and Lucy – couldn’t be more different and I spent quite a lot of time thinking about how to make a cake that they would both like. When I set about making this I had two ideas in mind – owls for Lucy and Wispas for Philippa – both known for their respective love of these things.  I just wasn’t sure how I was going to combine the two ideas and make it obvious that it was for both birthday ladies.

I made the owls out of tea-cakes, biscuits and sweeties. I then lined the edges of the cake with a Wispa wall and decided that wasn’t enough wispa – the owls needed their very own Wispa perch in the middle to tie the whole cake together. Originally this cake also included their names in the frosting around the perch but the writing icing proved too runny and bled into the cream cheese frosting.  Also, I had used red icing to do this and it ended up looking like there had been some horrible cake massacre so I had to do a quick touch up in the morning and made the surface blank again.  In retrospect I think there was enough going on with the cake to have the blank around the perch and no names – I was just trying to make sure the birds didn’t look like love birds!

Anyway, here is proof that no matter how different the recipients, there can always be unity in cake.


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