Unicorn Cake

Sometimes you have such ridiculously brilliant friends, all you want to do is make them a unicorn cake…

Sophie is in charge of processing invoices in our office and one day I had a particularly urgent invoice that needed attention straight away.  To appease Sophie and to make the invoice urgency slightly more bearable I decided to draw a unicorn on a post-it and attached it to the invoice. It went down very well and now it is traditional for me to draw a unicorn on each invoice – I can’t get an invoice processed without a unicorn picture.  Never being one to repeat myself I like to think of different unicorns every time and Sophie’s desk has become a shrine to all things unicorn.


Note the particularly impressive origami unicorn here, made by another colleague!

So, when it came to Sophie’s birthday it was only natural that I undertook a Unicorn cake and here is the result:

 photo 4 (12)

Originally I had intended to make the unicorn standing on top of a sea of hearts and stars but quickly realised that I couldn’t make a good-looking standing ‘corn out of fondant icing so decided to make him burst out of the cake. In a fit of unicorn hysteria I also decided that the cake under the hearts and stars should be as ridiculous as the outside, plain vanilla sponge would not do in this instance.  Instead I decided there should be hearts and stars to go in the centre of the cake.  I have only ever done this technique in cupcakes so wasn’t sure it would work on such a large scale. I had varying degrees of success but, in amongst a blue sponge, the red hearts and yellow starts that did work looked brilliant.

photo 3 (13)

This is probably one of the silliest cakes I have ever made but Sophie was delighted.  She remarked that her plate looked like a Care-Bear had been sick on it and everyone in the office went quite hyper after eating it, so I think it had the desired effect!

photo (16)

This is Sophie with her birthday unicorn, enough said.


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