My first Wedding Cake (not for a wedding)

“Yes I’m cursing myself for volunteering to do this. It’s all going horribly wrong.  I might throw a cake out of the window or something.” – A text to my friend a day into making this cake.

I took two days off my day job to complete this one – a three tiered wedding cake not for a wedding.

Wedding cake1

You might wonder why I was making a wedding cake not for a wedding.  And if not for a wedding, is it actually a wedding cake?

Both good questions.

This cake was an edible prop, but not a prop just for the actors, this cake was also for the audience, about 60 of them.  It was used as part of a Halloween party thrown by Kill the Beast Theatre Company where the audience were treated to an immersive theatre/party experience willingly or unwillingly undertaking the roles of guests at a doomed Victorian wedding.  I volunteered to make a cake for the event and on offering the idea, I found myself with very little brief apart from to fit with the aesthetic of the night.  After a bit of googling, I concluded that a lot of lace and frills were in order and started making baking plans.

I learnt a lot in the making of this cake for which I am eternally grateful.  I feel that if someone were to ask me to make their wedding cake now I would be able to accept the challenge and be savvy enough not to make some of the mistakes that befell me during this creation. Although I didn’t throw a cake out the window after sending that text I did have to re-bake the bottom tier… 

Egg casualties after the day of baking.

Egg casualties after the day of baking.

This was a sponge cake rather than a fruit cake which made it possible to create in two days – I spent a day baking and a day decorating.  Since I had no design to adhere to I let my imagination run wild and decided to use this as an opportunity to practise frilly decorating techniques.

wedding cake detail

The flowers on top were an afterthought; I had finished all the other decoration and felt that it was lacking something so decided to try out some flowers with the spare icing. I think it is far too over the top for a serious wedding cake but everyone likes different things!

My deeply macabre side wanted the actors to throw red food colouring all over it before cutting it – the evening centred round the fact the bride had failed to make it to her wedding and at the end she appeared as a zombie (Halloween party remember) – but having a “blood” spattered cake didn’t quite work.  Instead the “groom” gave an impassioned speech about how his beloved would want the party to continue despite her absence before cutting the cake to give to his guests.  Even though the cake wasn’t covered in food dye blood it was cut with a fervent stabbing motion that seemed perfect for the over-the-top design.

Happily, the cake made it into this little video where an audience member captured the evening. – see 12 seconds in for crying and stabby cake cutting.

So, even though it was a cake for a wedding involving actors, costumed audience members and a zombie bride, I think you can still call it a wedding cake.  And if you were wondering how I got involved in such a ridiculous task then there is only one person to blame – you can read about her long arms here.


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