Easter Nest Cupcakes

So my predicament of how to “beat” my 2012 Easter design has haunted me a lot this year.  It’s a funny one, I often feel the need to think of something new and original for annual festivities, even if I adored my designs from the year before.

So with that in mind, this is what I created this year:

Easter nest 2

I found the mini-mini eggs in a supermarket and decided they would be the centrepiece of the design.  Originally I wanted to make lots of little Easter baskets to sit on top of the cupcakes but I decided it would be too time-consuming to make large quantities so settled on little cornflake nests, something that we see a lot here in England around Easter.  They are probably the first food thing you are taught how to make as a child and I certainly have very fond memories of melting chocolate and stirring in cornflakes which I relived while making these mini versions.

Easter nest 1

The little nests turned out to be quite fiddly but I like how they look  – perhaps not as much as my last Easter design, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  There is always next year…


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