The Boy Who Kicked Pigs Cakes

You know when you feel like you know something even though you haven’t actually seen it yet? That is how I felt when I went to see Kill The Beast’sThe Boy Who Kicked Pigs last night.  Playing in a band with writer Natasha Hodgson (yes, the one with the long arms) has meant that I’ve seen snippets of the show, met brilliant people involved in the project, seen production shots and just generally got super excited about seeing it and so, walking into the theatre last night, I found myself in a surreal state of déjà vu.

I wanted to make some cakes for the cast for press night so spent a bit of time studying ‘Trevor’ the piggy bank and the general aesthetic of all the publicity material and then set about making a little set of cakes.



Pig kicking


pig cakes

The play surpassed all my expectations.  Horribly brilliant with beautiful sets, props, direction and astounding acting – This 4 star review in Time Out and this brilliant piece by Duncan Vicat-Brown will sum it up better than I ever could, but basically if you are around in London in the next week and a half do whatever you can to see this show.


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