When an octopus and hipster met.

This cake was for a joint birthday celebration in our office.  Lucy, one of the recipients, loves octopuses, octopi, octopods… whatever the plural is, she loves them.  Izzie, the other recipient, rocks the east London look with her vintage clothes and heavy rimmed glasses from the 80s.

When thinking of what cake to make the pair I knew I had to make an octopus for Lucy but I needed to make it equally about Izzie beyond the cake being gluten free.  That’s when I decided to make glasses similar to Izzie’s for the octopus and thus the hipsterpus was born.


I don’t know why the octopus is orange – when coming up with the design I pictured an orange octopus and I didn’t think twice about it, it wasn’t till a friend asked me about the colour (once I had made it) that I thought that perhaps all octopuses aren’t orange and it might be an odd colour choice…and the moustache? Just an added hipster touch. 

This was a hard cake to transport and the hipsterpus ended up looking a bit grumpier on arrival than when he started out due to slipping eyes during transportation. Still, he went down well and as an extra bonus the jam and butter cream oozed out the back when they cut into the cake making it look like I’d intentionally made cakey octopus brains – in fact it was just a happy coincidence.

Hipsterpus brainsHere are the happy pair with their cake – they named him Lucybelle before eating him.

Lucy and Izzie with cake


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