King Porter Stomp Cakes

In a previous life I had a job at the Globe Theatre where I worked on the music in the shows. It was a mad and brilliant time where I lived and breathed the Wooden O.  The last show I worked on was The God of Soho (yes, the Globe doesn’t just produce Shakespeare) which was a weird and wonderful new play set in Heaven and Soho; a witty commentary on our obsession with celebrity culture.  Anyway, this show was unusual for us in the music department as we hired a pre-existing band to play in the show, rather than putting a band together.  This band was none other than the amazing King Porter Stomp, a fantastic 7-piece band from Brighton who were incredibly fun to work with.

KPS had requests so far away from the usual Globe music requests  – ‘can you get a piece of wood for my guitar pedals?’, ‘I think we need a movable platform for the drum kit…’ rather than, ‘have you seen my sackbutt?’ or ‘can you help me move the viginals?!’.  They also wore some of the most brilliant musicians costumes to grace the Globe stage – Hells Angels inspired full leathers in white and black – these guys plus lots of questions and comments the production threw up made it one hell of a fun show to work on to say goodbye to my time there.

So, anyway, cake? Well, Press Night is a big deal in the theatre and typically we would get the musicians a little gift to say thanks and ‘break a leg!’.  The instruments the guys play in King Porter Stomp are sax, trombone, trumpet, guitar, bass, drums and vocals and I had an idea to make a little personalised cupcake for everyone based on their instruments but also on their costumes.



Became This:

KPS cupcakes

I had to make the marzipan instruments about 4 days in advance of the cakes; my day job was brilliant but left me with absolutely no free time when there was a show just about to open.  I remember being in the kitchen around midnight getting frustrated with the little trombone as I really needed to sleep and the slide wouldn’t stand up straight. I got there in the end, with the aid of a cocktail stick.

The cakes went down well – it was a while ago now but I remember being told a story of finding the crushed remains of a cake in a pocket the next morning as one of the band hadn’t wanted to eat his… then over indulged at the party… then forgot about it…

King Porter Stomp are an amazing band – go and see them if you have a chance and take your dancing shoes.  You won’t regret it.


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