Cats and flowers

Sian-Estelle and I met through work and bonded very quickly over our mutual fondness for large curly hair.  We then discovered that it wasn’t just a shared admiration of tresses, we actually got on quite well, and despite no longer sharing an office we are still in touch. Sian is probably one of the coolest people I know; she is always dressed to perfection and somehow manages to pull things off like a pink plastic basket for a handbag, or a cream cape instead of a coat. She is the sort to be stopped on the street by fashion students to ask for a photo; truly quirky, original and beautiful.  She also has an art degree.  So, when it came to Sian’s 30th, I knew I had my work cut out for me if I were to make her a cake.

When I worked with Sian, I spent 3 months sitting next to her and in that time we compared a lot of notes on cats.  I hate the crazy cat lady stereotype but that’s exactly what we were; cat pictures, lolcats, kitten videos etc etc, you name it, we shared it, so I knew that cats would have to feature heavily in this cake.  Not only did the cakes have to be perfect for Sian, but she was having her party in a central London club so I also had to make something small and transportable. This was the result:

Sian-Estelle cakes

The lacy cupcake cases by Vestli House were possibly the most expensive I’ve ever bought and I had been saving them for a special occasion, which turned out to be Sian’s 30th.  I thought 8 black cats might be too overwhelming so made 4 cats each doing something different and the flower cakes to put in between the cats.  I was pleased with how these turned out – they were suitably fanciful and feline.

Oh and in case you were wondering, this is probably my favourite cat video.  If you know a better one, send it this way.


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