Tea and biscuits cake

This is a cake I made for my final day in an office job as a goodbye to everyone. It was the first job I’d had where I found myself sat at a desk all day. Incredibly quickly, the tea round became a very important part of my daily routine allowing a break from gazing at the computer screen.

I knew that my leaving cake had to be tea related as I figured I was probably more renowned in the office for tea making skills than marketing know-how. I um’d and ah’d about how to incorporate tea into a cake and also to think of a design that wouldn’t take too long to make. I went to the supermarket to buy ingredients and as I was walking down the biscuit aisle, I noticed the mini biscuits section. The world of mini-biscuits has clearly developed since I was young and you can now buy mini-everything! I decided, to go with the tea theme, that I should create a biscuit border round the cake. As with my signature cakes I love anything with lots of texture and cramming the sides of a cake with tiny biscuits created a great border. I used a silicone teacup cupcake mould to create the tea cup, finished with some tea-coloured icing, coloured using chocolate.

tea and biscuits cake

The cake went down really well in the office – before it was eaten it was put on display in the centre of the office for anyone wandering past to see. It was such a popular (and easy) design; I re-used the concept for a fund raiser cake sale for Wiltons Music Hall. I was incredibly pushed for time so I didn’t re-do the teacup the second time round, instead I put biscuits in the middle. Getting the cake to Wiltons was a challenge, I took it on the bus where someone fell onto me and the cake box, but miraculously it survived with only a few biscuits knocked out of place.

Wiltons cakeI love the look of this cake and would repeat it in a flash for the right person or occasion.


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