Sushi Cupcake

This funny little cake was a one off I did for a friend as a request – I made him a couple of others at the time with different designs, but this was my favourite of the lot.

He was having a dinner party and wanted to surprise his guests with personalised cupcakes.  He told me a little about each of his guests, how he knew them etc. and from there asked me to make whatever I wanted.  I found this to be a really tricky challenge as I didn’t know the people I was making for.

He was telling me about one of his guests – a theatre producer as I recall – and how they know each other and in doing so, he made a throw away comment about how they always meet for sushi.  That stuck with me, and I wondered if I could create a sushi-themed cake.  He was quite specific that he wanted individual cupcakes so I found a hexagon hard container, no bigger than a cupcake but a much more interesting shape and started baking.  I cut the cake so it was flat, and then covered it in icing to act as a plate.  I then made the ‘sushi’ using fondant icing, coconut, sweets and jelly, playing round with colours and textures till it looked right.

Sushi Cake

I was pretty happy with the result and so was the recipient.  I’d like to do a whole series of these one day with lots of different combinations of sweetie-sushi, but I have to wait till the right occasion… are you a sushi lover? Let me know!


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