Tash’s Arms

When not baking cakes or whiling away the hours at the day job, I spend a lot of my time singing and gesturing with movement (dancing for those who can’t dance) in a band. My fellow backing singer is none other than the lovely Tash who undertakes many roles within the band, but to name a few – Backing Singer, Chief Tambourine Player, Choreographer,  the Funny One, a Not Shit Girl and the Purveyor of Extraordinary Appendages.

At first none of us noticed it; Tash seemed like a lovely, funny, enthusiastic band member with plenty to say and an impeccable wit, providing banter between songs as well as sweet harmonies.  But as the pictures of us performing started to trickle in, we all noticed a common theme – Tash’s arms.

To begin with, we thought it might be a trick of the camera:

Tash's Arms 1

Picture © Tangle Photography

or a peculiar angle:

Picture © ABphotography

Picture © ABphotography

But time and time again it was the same:

Tash's arms 3 A few months ago we had a gig on Tash’s birthday.  When thinking of what to bake her, I had to consider two challenges – firstly, a design befit for one of the funniest people I know and secondly, something easy to carry and consume at a gig.

 The result:

Tash's Arms

The design used cupcakes so everyone could have one easily – no knife needed and a happy cake-fed band.  An added bonus of the cupcakes was that you could reposition the arms in any-which-way you fancied.

To those who don’t know Tash and the context behind these cakes it might seem a little mean, but I can tell you she was pleased as punch with her cakes. Proof:

photo 2 (13)

As the seducer of nouns herself noted – it’s mostly ‘armless


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